Концерт The Exploited, 27 марта 2020

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Концерт The Exploited 27 марта 2020 в Джелонге

О концерте "The Exploited" в Barwon Club Hotel

1979, and Wattie Buchan and his mates were seriously p***ed off. Angry at what was happening around them - a country in disarray, greedy politicians treating the people like s**t; and with Johnny Rotten’s prediction of “No Future” truer by the day, there was only one way forward – embrace the music that had given you so much and give it something back… your entire life!
The Exploited are just as relevant today as they were in 1979 and with the band’s loyal squadron of fans The Barmy Army in tow, The Exploited are set to unleash 40 years of fury, anarchy and chaos upon Australian and New Zealand.

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Об исполнителе The Exploited

The Exploited (Эксплойтэд)(рус. Эксплуатируемые) — британская рок-группа второй волны панк-рока, играющая хардкор-панк. Группой руководит Уотти Бьюкэн, её основатель и автор всех её песен; постоянного состава The Exploited не существует.

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