Концерт Powerman 5000, 27 сентября 2020

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Концерт Powerman 5000 27 сентября 2020 в Брисбене

О концерте "Powerman 5000" в The Zoo

Brought to you by Metropolis Touring.
Welcome to the wildest R’n’R amusement park!
Danish rockers, D-A-D 35th Anniversary World Tour this September! 
For this special occasion and D-A-D’s first Australian Tour since 1990 they will perform all their Greatest Hits - Sleeping My Day Away, Girl Nation, Jihad, Laugh And 1/2, Bad Craziness, It’s After Dark, I Want What She’s Got and heaps more! 
D-A-D have continued a schedule of consistent touring performing to thousands of fans. With only a single line up change over 20 years ago, in a career spanning almost 40 years, the live chemistry of the band is unparalleled!
After a 30-year wait Australia will finally get to witness what European audiences have indulged in for the last three decades! Don’t miss this is a once in a generation tour for Australian fans with a career encompassing 35th Anniversary setlist!
“a D-A-D show is a party and it always will be” Jesper

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Об исполнителе Powerman 5000

Powerman 5000 — американская индастриал-рок-группа, основанная в 1991 году.

Источник: Wikipedia (по лицензии Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-SA 4.0)
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