Концерт Alpha Wolf, 15 февраля 2022

Вт, 15 февраля 2022 19:30 (местное время)
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Концерт Alpha Wolf 15 февраля 2022 в Брисбене
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О концерте Alpha Wolf в The Tivoli

An iron will is only ever hardened within the forge" words that echo from the announcement of Alpha Wolf's sophomore album 'a quiet place to die', through to the the album debuting at #6 on the ARIA album charts, and on to today as the band announce their biggest headlining Australian tour to date. Alpha Wolf have risen up against the odds, and the rave reviews across the board from media and fans alike have solidified their place as the next rising star in the metalcore scene. With a solid run of sold out headlining tours in the past, the band are looking to step up their game again in 2021 and are proud to announce a full Australian tour including their original home state of Tasmania.

After touring the world alongside acts such as August Burns Red, Emmure, & Fit For A King; Alpha Wolf are ready to sink their teeth into centre stage, and show Australia why they are the band constantly on everyone's tongue.

The band also wish to be as transparent as possible with the fans regarding how these shows will run "We're currently selling these shows to half capacity, and will be making a call in early 2021 about whether we will go beyond that. Should things get worse again and the tour has to be postponed or cancelled, all fans will be entitled to a refund in full. That is obviously the worst case scenario, one that we are hoping against hope that it won't come to that, but we want to offer as much clarity as possible in these uncertain times.

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Об исполнителе Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf is an Australian core band, originally from Burnie, Tasmania, currently located in Melbourne, Victoria. Bassist/founding vocalist John Arnold stated that “the name Alpha Wolf came from the movie ‘The Grey’”. Their debut album Mono was released on 14 July 2017 and had reached #29 on the ARIA Albums Chart during its first week of release.

On 9 February 2018, lead vocalist Aidan Ellaz was ejected from the band due to allegations of sexual assault. In June 2018, Lochie Keogh and Mitch Fogarty were announced as new members.

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