Концерт группы Signs Of The Swarm, 16 июня 2022


Signs Of The Swarm, Teeth

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Концерт Signs Of The Swarm 16 июня 2022 в Мельбурне
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О концерте Signs Of The Swarm в The Workers Club

The Workers Club will be operating under the Victorian State Government vaccination mandate. Therefore, as outlined in the Victorian Roadmap, only patrons, staff and artists who are double vaccinated against Covid-19 will be able to enter the venue. Customers are required to check-in via the Service Victoria App with a valid Vaccination certificate as they enter the venue.
Europes Within Destruction was established as one of the strongest and leading acts in slamming
deathcore community with the releases VOID (2016) and DEATHWISH (2018). Now they're back with their brand new album "Yokai". 
The band took a fresh approach to music with influences from more mainstream genres like metalcore and trap while still sticking to their recognisable heavy defining sound. Cherry on top of Yokai are the unexpected guest features and aesthetic Japanese theme. The band will be bringing 'Yokai' to Australian shores this June bringing along their American friends in Signs Of The Swarm, who recently caught the ears of metal fans all over the world with their brand new album 'Absolvere'. Joining the bands on the tour representing Australia is Sydney's Teeth.

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Об исполнителе Signs Of The Swarm

Combining various styles such as Death Metal, Slam, and Hardcore, each song Signs of the Swarm conjures is sure to maim and crush. With their catchy riffs, raunchy breakdowns, maniacal vocals and off-the-rails, unapologetically heavy brand of sonic deviance, Signs of the Swarm is quickly causing a stir within the underground.

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